A Guide to Maximalist Design

30 March 2022

The word itself includes a key clue to understanding maximalism in interior design: design to the max. Maximalist interiors have recently flooded our feeds, proclaiming that less isn’t always more.

A maximalist interior is unmistakable. Layers of texture, print, colour, and significant items adorn this style of home interior. Contemporary interior design portrays this as a hyper-personal room rife with pattern and individuality, frequently appearing on the verge of disarray, and bordering on cheeky.

Maximalist is a style, but it’s more about being an extreme version of one! So select a look you like and make it even more outrageous. However, don’t mistake a maximalist environment with a cluttered one. Maximalism isn’t about accumulating a large amount of stuff and packing it into a small place!

Where did Maximalist interior design come from?

Maximalism is a term that extends back to the 19th century, despite its current popularity on social media. The Victorians were noted for their bustling interiors with heavy upholstery, rich colours, and a plethora of ornamentation. They believed as a society that everyone had their unique identity, and the maximalist elements of their residences reflected a need to reveal to visitors their personal identities.

Key Characteristics of Maximalist home design

While you’ll probably be able to recognise a Maximalist space on your own if you need a little help, here are some things to look for.

  • Accessories – These will be meaningful items that bring appeal to the space. They won’t be pointless or unconsidered. Collections are frequently on display.
  • Patterns – Clashing patterns are popular in this trend.
  • Layering – A maximalist space is built around layers aplenty.
  • Bold art – Pieces with a big impact – and more than one!
  • Colour combinations –  Typically, Maximalist spaces do not use neutrals; instead, they use bright, cheerful colours.
  • Antique curations – Maximalist environments are developed over time, with antiques and store-bought artefacts mixed in.
  • Furniture – A Maximalist space is luxurious in terms of its furniture and overall atmosphere. They are intended to be used and lived in.

How to achieve Maximalism in your home

If you really like maximalism, keep in mind that you’re building a personal environment that reflects your personality. Here are some suggestions for embracing maximalism:

Layer with soft furnishings 

We already know that more is definitely more when it comes to maximalism. A really simple first step you can take with this design trend is layering soft furnishing such as cushions. Layer your sofa with bold patterned cushions to the max! Our Velvet Scallop Cushions are perfect for achieving this cheeky interior design trend, go mad with all three colours of these gorgeous colours: Blue, Orange and Neutral

Use one of a kind centrepieces 

The manner you use your possessions in the environment is just as important as the items themselves. The style of an excellent eclectic scheme should be theatrical. Repurpose favourite items like an antique ladderback chair as a bedroom table, a vintage suitcase as a tabletop, or an industrial workstation as a dinner table to achieve this. 

Or, forget all about the DIY and have your houseguests stare in awe at our classically unique Femme Vase. Available in a bold black and striking white with a cheeky twist, the Femme Vase celebrates the female form whilst it can be adorned with as many over the top red roses or rainbow bouquets as you like! Trust us, if you’re going maximalist, this is the piece you want in your home.

Mila Maven Femma Vase

Mila Maven Femme Vase

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