A Guide to Preparing Your Home for Christmas

18 November 2022

It’s time to break out the Christmas tree again as we transition into the festive period. There’s no doubt you’re already wondering about Christmas and what decor to present throughout your home. We’ve got you covered with our Mila Maven Christmas decor tips that you and your guests will simply love. 

Christmas living room decor

Your living room is the place where you want to have most of your decor, from a Christmas tree to fairy lights. Accentuating your mantelpiece with centrepieces like a wreath or candles can be a low-key way to add a festive touch to your space. You can also hang stockings, which usually look best on your mantelpiece or at the end of your bed!

You might also want to switch up your colour schemes to a palette less commonly associated with Christmas, like pastels or bright bold colours, or colours like blue or orange. You can opt for little touches of these colours in the form of our cushions and throws, ornaments and baubles, or even something as simple as patterned coasters or festive features such as holly or mistletoe leaves.

Scents are important too, so it’s a good idea to go on the hunt for some candles that have scents relating to Christmas, such as cinnamon, cranberries or mulled wine. You might also like our scented candles and reed diffusers that emit cosy scents that rival even the most luxurious potpourri. 

Christmas bedroom decor tips

As your bedroom is usually unseen by guests in your home, it’s all about adding festive touches that you’ll enjoy. If you want to stand out and keep away from traditionalism, add little accents of colour, like greens or white, black and gold. These colours can bring a festive touch into your bedroom and are easily introduced through the use of bedspreads, cushions and floral arrangements. Dried flowers accentuated with ribbons and fairy lights are a great alternative touch if you’re not keen on Christmas trees or wreaths. 

You might like to accessorise by adorning your headboard with fairy lights. As for guest bedrooms, it’s important not to overwhelm the room with festive decor. Instead, stick to little touches of fairy lights, candles and wreaths, which you can place around the room to introduce festive charm into the room. 

Dining room Christmas decorations

The dining room is one of the focal spaces to any home on Christmas Day, so the Christmas accents you adorn it with can make all the difference. You might want to have a table centrepiece paired with candles. Something as simple as tying holly or mistletoe to your curtain rail can add a touch of nature to lift the room and bring Christmas into the space. Christmas can also be a time to get creative and try out some DIY crafts, such as making your own ornaments which you can then add to the rest of your decor to add a personal twist. 

Christmas kitchen decor

You can bring some festive touches into the kitchen too, by decorating your cupboards or shelves with fairy lights, adding some sprigs or spruces or holly or mistletoe, and including a centrepiece vase. Dried flowers and wreaths would go nicely with our Femme Vases, which you can also tie a red ribbon around for a nice Christmassy feel. Adding some small candles or sprucing up your house plants by adding fairy lights would also be a nice touch. 

Christmas hallway decor

Hallways are usually the first thing you see upon entering a home, so decorating this accordingly is an important way to introduce your guests to the theme of the house. Hanging some mistletoe, lights and holly are the first step, but you can go one step further and add lights or pine or fir tree vines to the archway to simulate stepping into Christmas. If your hallway and stairs are connected, you can decorate the stair bannister with a garland. 

Have a very Mila Maven Christmas

At Mila Maven, we have a variety of apothecary, ceramics and cushions & throws which work well as gifts or centrepieces for your home all year round, including the Christmas period. We pride ourselves on the quality of our products, which you can browse on our website or on Instagram and Facebook.