How to style a pergola

13 July 2022

With summer in full swing, you may find yourself spending more time outdoors and in your garden. Pergola gardens are growing in popularity, and a pergola is a wonderful addition to your garden furniture, and can be styled in a variety of ways. Mila Maven has you covered with our top tips for how to style and set up a pergola, decorated with our collection of home products to help establish the ambience of your home or garden. Below are some pergola ideas and suggestions to help create the perfect cosy garden space. 

How to style a pergola

Pergolas are very easy to set up, and can be decorated to suit your individual style. Pergolas work best as an addition to other garden furniture like chairs and tables. There are many ways to style them, for example with lights, vines or creating a harmony between the furniture and the pergola, with coordinating colours or patterns. Adding some tables and chairs to the space creates a comfortable area for family and friends to enjoy, as well as simply a place to curl up with a book and a throw during colder months.

The style of the pergola can greatly impact the overall tone and look of the space. As pergolas come in a variety of colours and materials, it’s important to style the space accordingly. For modern-looking aluminium pergolas, sticking with a modern theme for any additional furniture you want to add to the space is the perfect way to ensure harmony between the pieces. Similarly, if you have a wooden pergola, try and keep the furniture below it wooden too, so as to avoid it looking out of place or unharmonious. 

Add a touch of comfort with throws and cushions

Throws and cushions can be a great addition to your pergola space. Not only do they add comfort, they also establish the style of the space and can add a colourful and stylish look to the pergola. Coordinate your space by pairing our Orange Velvet Cushion with the Wool Throw in Black, or alternatively our Neutral Velvet Cushion with the Wool Throw in Light Grey is another great pairing. 

Decorate with vines or plants

Decorative vines, flowers or any other type of plant can give a very rustic and naturalistic look to your space. Entwining vines around the top of the pergola can offer some much needed shade during the summer months. These tend to look best with wooden pergolas, however they can generally suit any style. For a more calming and ethereal vibe, seasonal flowers such as wisteria are a great addition to pergolas, as they not only look great, but also contribute to helping the environment as they can attract bees and help to keep bee populations rife and healthy.

Choose the perfect lighting 

Adding some lighting to your pergola is another great addition, and why not keep things sustainable with some solar powered fairy lights or LEDs? Pergola lighting ideas can include fairy lights, lamps or hanging lights, and as these are very versatile, the possibilities are endless. As your pergola offers shelter to your space, candles would also be a great lighting option. Try our Mila Maven Oud & Jasmine candle to create the perfect cosy atmosphere and add a touch of luxury to your garden space, or our Rock Rose & Pink Pepper candle to make you feel as though you’re in your own spa. 

Accessorise your home with Mila Maven products

At Mila Maven, we have a collection of apothecary, ceramics and cushions & throws to help you find the perfect garden or home accessories that suit your own personal style. Browse our collection of products on our website shop to find your next candle or throw purchase. We also have products coming soon, like our unique Femme Vase, which you can register your interest in prior to availability. This would be a perfect addition to indoor or outdoor space!