Where to put cushions in your home

24 August 2022

Learning how best to style different areas of your home can depend on numerous furniture items, including cushion placement and colours. Matching your cushions to your furniture is important to avoid them looking out of place, and to ensure the ambience you decide for the room is maintained. Our home decor experts at Mila Maven have compiled this guide to help you decide the best places to put cushions in your home, and the ways to match them with existing furniture to ensure harmony in your living spaces.

How to decorate with cushions

Our Mila Maven cushions are perfect at blending effortlessly into any furniture you decide to add them to. You may be stuck wondering which cushions to add to your pergola or outside benches, or which cushions would go best with your duvet. 

Merely placing cushions around your home can make the room feel unharmonious and can detract from the overall style if you don’t consider the placement and colours of the cushions. Cushions are used in the home to add comfort, but can also be used as simply decorations for furniture that would otherwise be bare. 

If you like uniformity, and like to colour code your furniture, you may want to spend some time thinking about which colour cushion would suit the colour scheme of your room, and avoid ones that don’t. Luckily, our Mila Maven cushions are suitable for a variety of colour schemes and furniture. 

Outdoor cushions

Garden furniture cushions can be a simple yet effective addition to your outdoor space, which can act as a safe haven for you on nights when you have friends over, and want to create a comfortable space that looks as though you have excellent interior design intuition and furniture taste. Garden cushions and bench cushions can be used for either comfort or merely just decorations, and can help to create a cosy atmosphere that harmonises with your indoor furniture.

The best places for these to go are in the spaces you spend the most time in, to reinforce comfort. Benches, pergolas and outdoor seating can be accentuated by the right cushion. Our Mila Maven Neutral Velvet Cushion would go perfectly with a neutral or black and white outdoor furniture colour scheme. It’s okay to not be meticulous with your choice of cushions when they’re added to outdoor furniture, as they won’t detract from the style of your indoor furniture.

Don’t forget to bring your cushions indoors should it rain! 

Bedroom cushions

Your bedroom is the perfect place to put your cushions, as it’s usually the place where you spend the most time. Adding extra cushions to your bed or armchair can help to add a more cosy and comfortable atmosphere. Our Blue Velvet and Orange Velvet cushions are perfect additions to desk chairs and beds, as they would suit a variety of colour schemes and duvet covers. A window seat would also be a great place to put these cushions, to add a pop of colour to your bedroom. 

You can pair these cushions with our Mila Maven throws, which are available in light grey, brown and black. Pairing these together can create a coordinated and harmonious style in whichever room you decide to add them to. 

Shop more at Mila Maven

At Mila Maven, we have many home accessories and products, including cushions and throws, that would make a great addition to your bedroom decor, as well as your indoor and outdoor space. You can shop these cushions, along with our other home accessories like throws, scented candles and our showstopper Femme Vase on our website.