Autumn Flower Arrangements

14 September 2022

With autumn fast approaching and nights drawing in, arranging your flowers in a particular way can help to perfectly match those cosy evenings in the coming weeks and months. Making sure to have the perfect flowers and arrangement for autumn can help to bring the season in and will even benefit those dreading the end of summer, by highlighting the beauty that the colder months have to offer. 

Those looking for autumn flower arrangement ideas should read on to find inspiration guaranteed to help you prepare your home for the season. 

Autumn Flowers

One way to ensure your flower arrangements look perfect for autumn is to include some seasonal specific flowers in your selection. While many flowers are seasonal due to when they bloom, there are some year round flowers that are also perfect for an autumn display. Read on to discover some of our favourites. 


Although typically associated with summer, sunflowers bloom late enough in the year that they can also be classed as an autumn flower. When paired with other flowers that are darker and orange, a sunflower can stand out, and be a staple in any autumnal arrangement. The yellow colour can brighten up the dark shades of red and orange without drifting too far away from the main colour palette of a traditional autumn arrangement. 


A uniquely shaped flower, celosias will make any bouquet more interesting. Blooming in the late summer, they are a perfect flower for an autumn display, and coming in varying shades of orange and red, they will perfectly match other seasonal flowers in your arrangement. 


Orange dahlias are a must have for any autumn themed display. These full and spherical flowers help to fill out any bouquet, making it feel luscious and full of life. Dahlias are synonymous with autumn and will make any arrangement immediately perfect for the colder weather. Dahlias are also beneficial for those decorating an artificial autumn flower arrangement, as artificial dahlias are fairly easy to come by and often look as good as the real thing.


Hydrangeas are another flower that blooms in a round shape, making it perfect to create a lush autumnal display. One benefit of hydrangeas is their ability to last for long periods of time, meaning they can remain constant in your display, even if you decide to change around some of the other flowers over time.

Sprigs and Twigs

Adding a small twig or dried leaves to any flower arrangement will instantly make it more autumnal. With it being the season of leaves falling off trees, it isn’t hard to find something suitable for any display, and other items such as pine cones and conkers can elevate your bouquet even further.  

Autumn arrangements 

The key to autumn flower arrangements is that more means more! Whereas summer arrangements benefit from having some space to breathe, which helps a room feel more airy and bright, arrangements in autumn will work better from being full and packed. A large arrangement makes a home feel more cosy and warm, and can be representative of a generous feast, often something we divulge in more as the colder weather creeps in.

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