Interior styles for your home in 2022

Interior styles for your home in 2022

01 December 2021

In 2021, our homes continued to serve as both living and working areas, as well as much-needed safe havens away from the pandemic’s unpredictability. This has shaped the future of interior design and will continue to do so in the coming year.

In 2022, a resurgence of interest in integrating the natural world indoors, a reorganisation of our living spaces to adapt to flexible working hours, and a nostalgic delve into our design past will all play a role in how we decorate our houses.

Here are some must-have home interior trends ahead of 2022.

Embracing sustainability

Natural and sustainable design will continue to be important in 2022. A mix of vintage and natural colours, beige, warmer hues, and different shades of green will be used. Generally, a more simple and muted colour scheme.

The materials used in the home will be the focus of sustainability trends in 2022. Vintage textiles and materials made in a gradual, environmentally friendly manner that avoids mass reproduction. From environmentally conscious businesses that place a premium on handcrafted things that will last a lifetime, our beautiful wool throw in brown has the ideal earthy tones for this interior style theme. Made with 100% British wool, sustainability and supporting local businesses is at the heart of everything we do.

Reworking our living spaces

In 2022, our improvised home offices at the kitchen table or on the family sofa will no longer suffice. Adopting the hybrid-working trend will require a shift to a more advanced work environment. Create comfortable home workspaces and seek things that will assist you in doing so, such as appealing ergonomic seats, better storage options, an attractive desk, a conveniently located waste paper bin, and a functional area that enriches your house. 

We know that working from home isn’t ideal for everyone, and homes can sometimes be a stressful environment, introducing tranquillity into your workspace with our gorgeous scented candles. Choose from either Oud & Jasmine or Rock Rose & Pink Pepper, for a soothing and relaxing home office experience.

Calming shades of blue

Dulux picked ‘Bright Skies,’ a bright and breezy blue, as their Colour of the Year 2022 earlier this year. A colour that promotes relaxation and calmness, making it ideal for a bedroom as well as a light and airy foundation palette in the kitchen or bathroom. 

Blue has a calming influence on our mood since it reminds us of a blue sky or ocean in nature, which makes us feel at ease. Whether you use a dark blue feature wall or a cushion like our Blue Velvet Cushion, blue is thought to help soothe the mind and give a sense of calmness. 

Shades of blue also make a great backdrop for items in other rooms of the house. Blue will continue to remain popular in our houses due to its boldness and warmth. Darker colours, rather than white, make a much better background for paintings and artworks.

Home interior styles by Mila Maven

Make your house a home for 2022 with our unique and beautifully crafted home interiors. Browse our collections of apothecary, cushions and throws and take a sneak peek at our incredible femme torso vase which will be launching very soon! 

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