How to finish a room with accessories

How to finish a room with accessories

03 March 2022


The truth is that no interior is ever truly completed. Whether it’s due to a change in tastes or style, or simply because products come and go, the interiors in your home are likely constantly changing. However, that doesn’t mean you can’t add a few finishing touches to your existing decor, creating a space that reflects your individuality and that you look forward to returning to everyday.

Accessories and art are excellent ways to bring a room’s look together. These pieces help give that finishing touch to your decor, whether it’s filling a neglected corner, giving a splash of colour to a bare wall, or making your home feel much more homely.

We’ve compiled a list of helpful hints to get you started. We’ll even show you how to make an effect in each room that suits your personality and style. Let’s jump in.

Be brave and have fun!

This is right at the top of our interior design list of tips, try out a style that seems a bit out of the box or go for bold and beautiful colours! 

We’re all too serious about our interior decoration a lot of the time. Decorating, particularly with accessories and art, gives you the chance to express yourself in your space.

Texture is an excellent technique to make your home more visually interesting and rich. Incorporating textured objects will instantly boost the atmosphere if you feel your home is missing in warmth, or appears to be a touch bland. 

If you love colours and print and want to experiment with a cheeky pattern, our Scallop Velvet Cushions can provide a truly unique finishing touch to your living room or bedroom. Available in three gorgeous colours, Blue, Burnt Orange and Neutral Grey, these truly unique cushions offer a bold yet timeless finish to any room.

If you’re looking for a unique centrepiece to wow anyone that comes to your home, our ceramic Femme Vase is quite the showstopper and is a cheeky match made in heaven when paired with our cushions. Place on a dining table adorned with roses for an ultra chic display – or use wildflowers and greenery in a living room for more of a natural look.

Make the bedroom your precious individual space

Soft throws, textural pillows and enticing artwork can help to create a sense of warmth and elegance in any bedroom. Simple furniture items like an occasional chair and accent table can help create a more aesthetically appealing spot to retire to, and lamps and candles can also improve the ambiance.

When it comes to apothecary, we’ve created the most luxurious scented candles and diffusers that not only smell divine, but are an easy accessory to match with any style of interior design. Choose from:


Throw blankets are a common addition to any room’s decor. They’re not just useful; they’re also stylemakers, adding pattern, colour, and warmth to any space.

They’re lightweight, easy to drape, and make great housewarming gifts. If you’ve ever considered adding a throw to a space but felt it was too difficult to deal with, reconsider. There are a variety of approaches that don’t appear untidy. 

By adding a throw to simple bedding, or draping it over the arm of your sofa, you can really help to transform a room. Simply fold it in half lengthwise and stretch it across the bed’s end. We recommend our Striped Wool Throw in Brown to add some texture and pattern to your bedroom or living area.

Beautiful interior finishing touches with Mila Maven

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