The best autumn scents to fill your home

07 October 2022

Where did summer go? Autumn has crept up on us in almost an instant and you might be feeling the chill in the morning, noticing the rain in the evenings or feeling just a little bit cosier when arriving home for the evening. For many, autumn can feel like saying goodbye to summer but if you allow yourself to get into it, it can feel like a magical new beginning. Imagine the crunch of leaves and your hands wrapped around a hot paper cup on a brisk walk outside. It’s a chance to slow down and reflect on the year that has passed before winter comes.

A change in the season is a brilliant time to start thinking about changes in your home. One way you can maximise the cosy vibes this year is to fill your home with soothing autumnal scents. 

Our favourite autumn scents

Nothing is better than the flickering glow of a candle or the welcoming aromas from a diffuser and both of these scent solutions are great at filling your home with a variety of scents. We’ve hand picked our favourite autumnal scents for you to look out for when browsing the choices available for your home. 

Find out more below about each of our recommended autumnal scents and how they can each bring their own properties and benefits into your home. 


It’s a smell that’s commonly found across various autumnal experiences, especially in coffee shops and during baking sessions. It’s sweet and spicy and many associate its warming scent with comfort. 

You can also guard yourself against illness with cinnamon’s antibacterial properties.


From the family of mint, patchouli bears small flowers which were originally native to Asia. The oil is extracted by distilling the leaves and it has more earthy tones as opposed to floral fragrances. 

The scent of patchouli helps you to relax by easing stress and anxiety.


In preparation for winter, it’s not uncommon for us to be told to include oranges in our diets. Did you know the scent brings clarity to your home? It’s classical, sweet and zesty and fills your home with a refreshing ambience. 

Orange can in fact make the air feel cleaner in your home.

Black Pepper

This fragrance can fill your home with aromatic and musky scents.

During cold weather, black pepper can help you relax your muscles and improve your mood.


Clove is commonly paired with other fragrances such as cinnamon to create the autumn favourite of pumpkin spice. Clove is an aromatic flower bud and commonly used as a spice.

If you suffer with coughs or worsened asthma during autumn, clove can help to ease these symptoms.


It can be quite a sharp smell and too much of this scent could overpower, but the right amount is an essential ingredient to an autumn home. It’s long been used to treat illness and pain.

Due to its strength, inhaling eucalyptus can help clear colds and relieve blocked noses.


An autumnal tradition is apple bobbing but apple is often used as a fragrance in the home throughout the season. It has such a recognisable, sweet and spicy aroma.

There’s a connection between the scent of apples and a reduction in anxiety.


Sandalwood has a classical woody tone that instantly makes your home more cosy. 

It can help you concentrate which is especially useful if you plan on working from home throughout this season. 

Choosing the best autumn scents

There are so many distinct smells associated with autumn that  it can be easy to overpower your home. We recommend pairing a few classical scents rather than opting for as many scents as possible, all at once. 

Sweet tones such as orange and apple balance well with muskier tones such as patchouli, especially in the rooms you relax in. You can also combine scents to make autumnal aromas such as cinnamon and clove which are commonly paired. A scent like this works well in dining areas and kitchens. 

Really, the important thing with choosing the best scent is finding one that helps you get out of the cold and feel that homely hug instead. 

Luxury scents from Mila Maven

Perfectly paired scents are hard to find but we think we’ve done a pretty good job of doing it here at Mila Maven. We offer a range of luxury scented candles and luxury reed diffusers that can improve your home this autumn and all year round.

We have a couple of products that use the scents we spoke about earlier. Our geranium, eucalyptus and orange reed balances autumnal scents together to bring comfort to your home. Our dark amber and sandalwood diffuser combines the woody tones with stronger scents that can help you feel cosy and create a relaxing ambience.

If these scents don’t work for you and your home, you can find something a little more fragrant with notes of jasmine or rose. You can also view our entire apothecary range in our shop. Find more home styling tips on our blog too!