How to style a vase

How to style a vase

03 March 2022

Vases are a really easy way to make a statement in your home; in fact, we don’t think you can ever have too many when it comes to styling ventures! On desks, shelves, and kitchen islands, we utilise them to give texture, colour, and height to any space or room.

Here are some of Mila Maven’s favourite ways to style a vase.

Bottle Vase

Bottle vases are pretty self-explanatory! Though they exist in a variety of forms, they usually have a long cylindrical body that curves up to a narrow mouth.

Repurposing old antique and vintage bottles into vases is one of our favourite interior design ideas, as they offer the perfect farmhouse DIY feel to any space.

Dress the bottle vase with one singular flower for a beautiful minimalistic and vintage look, these small vases are perfect for sitting on a shelf to add height and texture.

Group vases together

If you have a collection of fairly similar vases in different heights but the same style, group them together in one location to create a classy focal point. If you want a quirky look, this technique works well with vases of various styles, but for a clean, coherent aesthetic, it works best when the vases are from the same design range.

Contrasting and bold colour schemes

Place a vase in a contrasting shade to your wall to create a striking contrast. If you have a light-colored wall, contrast it with a dark or bold-colored vase. If your wall colour is dark, however, utilise a white vase like Mila Maven’s gorgeous Femme Vase. This eye catching contrast will really stand out against the background. Style our Femme Vase on it’s own or with a striking array of wildflowers to really create a striking impact in any space.

Mixing materials

For people that hate drama and frills, decorating with vases is a quick and easy method to add interest. Even if never filled, a modern vase or table vase made of the material-of-the-moment marble is a beautiful sight to behold, bringing the subtle allure of nature within a modern architecture design. When you pair it with an angular jug vase and more organic designs, your coffee table gains instant emphasis without requiring too much effort.

The glass vase

The glass vase is perhaps the most adaptable piece of decor. Tall or short, slim or full, transparent or coloured, expensive or economical, they come in many shapes and sizes. In essence, they entice interior designers and encourage inventiveness. They usually have a bouquet of flowers to show off however they can also be used to display a variety of decorative objects. In a transparent or light neutral colour vase, smaller branches are a fantastic option, or go for a more minimalist look with coloured marbles or wine corks. 

Introducing the Femme Vase by Mila Maven

If you haven’t already seen our stunningly unique Femme Vase, now is the time to get on the waiting list for our most sought after interior piece. Soon to be available in both Black and White, this vase is perfect for any home whatever your interior style tastes. 

This cheeky yet sophisticated vase will be the envy of all who visit your home and certainly a hot topic! Looking for a little something extra on your interior design journey, Apothecary and Cushions & Throws are the perfect place to look for those quirky and unique finishing touches.

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