Styling ideas for open plan living rooms

19 July 2022

The benefits of extra space and brighter natural light mean that a modern, open plan living room is often the favoured arrangement for many homes. Combined with extra light and space, this type of room also offers a multifunctional convenience that smaller rooms don’t have.

Although it is the modern approach to many home interiors, it can be difficult to successfully style an open plan living room. There is a subtle art to tying separate spaces together, while retaining a certain element of separation. Read on to discover open plan living room ideas, and how to make the most of your space. 

Style through colour

Depending on your style of open plan living, you may want to use colour to create subtle boundaries to define different zones, or use the same colour palette throughout to create a natural sense of unity. If your space is truly open, different colour blocks in your living room, dining area, and kitchen can be beneficial to segment different areas. For those whose open plan living room is not as well connected, one of the easiest ways to create cohesion is to have a consistent colour scheme throughout.

The Mila Maven velvet scallop cushion collection includes a variety of colours, with a bold blue, striking orange and a calming neutral, to ensure that whether you are tying areas together or separating them, you’ll be able to find the perfect cushion to bring it all together here.

Carefully consider your ornament placement

If your space allows it, placing your statement ornament in the centre of your room, between your kitchen and living area, can tie everything together while creating a sense of boundary. Doing this can have the effect of anchoring everything around it, making it seem the centrepiece for multiple rooms at once, and therefore for the room as a whole.

For anyone looking for a new centrepiece to elevate their living room, the Mila Maven Femme Vase as part of our ceramics collection will turn heads and be a striking decoration in any home. Join our mailing list to be the first to find out more details about our Femme Vase, and other upcoming products.

Consistent flooring throughout

Having the same flooring throughout your space will help everything naturally feel like it belongs together, meaning designing the interior of your open plan living room could consist of new flooring. If you are looking for a more budget friendly alternative, strategically placed rugs spanning various key areas will have a similar effect to this, and a rug spanning part of a living room into a dining area will have the two spaces feeling better connected.  

Tie everything together with scents

Smell is another way to bring all of your open plan areas together, and the sensory experience can make multiple rooms feel more cohesive. When sourcing a scent, it’s a good idea to make sure you use something that will not only be long lasting, but will be powerful enough to spread across your open plan room, without being overwhelming. 

The Mila Maven apothecary collection brings together a range of luxury reed diffusers and scented soy candles that are guaranteed to fill your open plan living room with bright and calming scents, no matter how big your space is.

Style your home with Mila Maven

However you decide to style your home, Mila Maven has something to spruce up your interior. All of our products are made with love in the UK, and we agonise over the quality of our products to guarantee you both a stylish and long-lasting product, every time you shop with us.