How your home can affect your mood

06 January 2023

The home can be the pride and joy of many people, and how it looks can have a significant impact on your mood without you realising it. A visually appealing setting can have a number of health benefits, as it can create a greater sense of wellbeing. Even the colour of your walls and furniture can alter your emotions. This is why your home’s interior design can be one of the most important factors when it pertains to your mental health.

How your home can affect your mood

How your home affects your mood can be an interesting topic, and here at Mila Maven, we have created this guide to reveal exactly why certain interior design aspects affect your frame of mind and what you can do to change it.

Using bright colours

The colours you surround yourself with have been found to have a strong influence on your emotional state and behaviour. Therefore, living in a lighter and brighter coloured environment could make you much happier. To do this, simply choose a colour that you enjoy and give those walls a good paint job.

Allowing more natural light to bounce around your rooms can also make you feel better, as it will make your brighter colours radiate further. Purchasing sheer curtains can be a great way to do this.

Set up a social environment

Your living room arrangement can make your environment feel more or less social, which can have effects on your emotions. Setting up chairs and couches to face each other, rather than all in the same direction, can provide this sense of a social atmosphere.

Adding an element of comfort to your living room can make it seem more homey and satisfying to be in, which will instantly improve how you feel. At Mila Maven, we offer a unique range of cushions and throws for you to purchase to add that satisfying element of comfort to your living room.

Scents and aromas

The smells inside your home can rapidly change your spirit, with bad odours having a negative impact on our emotions. To alter this, you can use candles to replace bad odours with nice aromas. There are a number of scents that are proven to positively boost our outlook, including rose, jasmine, citrus, vanilla and rosemary. 

Our Rock Rose & Pink Pepper Candle may be the perfect solution for this, or if you’d prefer a different scent, we have a range of different candles and diffusers available. 

Use more plants

Indoor plants have been proven to have a very positive effect on our mental welfare, and can significantly reduce stress levels. Indoor air quality can also improve with the addition of more plants to your property, which should make us feel better overall. Having a plant in every room might be the trick to giving you a more positive outlook on home life.

Our femme vases are the perfect addition to add style to your surroundings while housing your favourite floral bouquets or other arrangements. You’re guaranteed to add a stylish and cheeky twist to any room that is unlike anything else on the market.

Give your home a personality

When you live in uninspiring and dull surroundings, it may rub off on you, and you may find yourself being out of sorts on a regular basis. To alter this, you can give your home some personality and decorate it in a way that will make you proud to live there. When you are proud of the place you live, it should give you a better outlook on life, and your mental comfort should benefit as a result.

The use of artwork, photographs, and other decorations can give you something enjoyable to look at that makes your home feel special. You can also decorate your home with your favourite colour scheme to further increase your joy.

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