Femme Vase in White


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Isn’t she a beauty? As a female owned home decor company we wanted to celebrate the female body, of course with a glamorous and cheeky twist. This female figure vase in bright white, is a must-have for a gilded and golden home decor style, or let the natural beauty of the Femme Vase speak for herself nestled in an array of flowers and house plants.

We wanted to make a completely unique (have you seen those tassels?) ceramic vase which we knew would be a showstopper in any home and make the neighbours jealous! And it doesn’t stop there, match the Femme Vase with our Velvet Scallop Print Cushions and inject some colour and fun into your living room or bedroom. 

The Femme Vase is a piece we’re really proud of here at Mila Maven, if you’d like to find out more about how this fabulous ceramic vase was born, take a look at our Femme Vase blog.

Also available in black.

Produced in the UK. Dimensions: H 30cm x D 10cm x W 16xcm

This product is handmade so each one is unique and individual so there may be some slight variation between each vase, however we can guarantee that each and every vase will always be made with love and passion!