Our Femme Vase

14 November 2021

Who doesn’t love a sexy, tongue-in-cheek addition to their home styling!

We wanted to create a femme vase with a bit of a unique twist to go inline with our cushion design and so we came up with our tassled beauty!

We want to take you on the journey of how she came about.

The first stage was taking sketches and putting them into Photoshop files. Here we could tweak things to make sure she was sturdy, was the right dimensions and that she looked perfect.


Once we were happy with how she looked we reached out to a 3D printing company based in Huddersfield to make her into a mould that could be used by the ceramics company. He printed her and then hand finished everything so that she is smooth, has no faults in her and could be used to cast off.

The 3D model was then shipped off to the ceramic capital of the UK, Stoke-on-Trent where she was to become a reality!

The final stage of the process was to have her glazed however due to disruptions in deliveries this took a little longer than expected and so getting her ready for launch wasn’t possible. However…all good things come to those who wait and we are so excited that she will be ready for you all to buy in the next couple of weeks.

This has really been a labour of love and a huge learning experience for us – we now both know terms for things we never thought we would know when it comes to the world of ceramics! Watch this space and sign up to our newsletter or follow us on instagram to keep up-to-date with when she will be available to buy.

Anna and Tyla x