Vase ideas without flowers

07 October 2022

Fresh flowers are great at brightening up rooms, and serve as great centrepieces. However, they can trigger allergies, and require a lot of commitment and attention. You may be wondering how to decorate vases without flowers, or how to decorate your home with more seasonal or autumnal arrangements, not just to allow for harmony, but to fit with autumn’s cosy aesthetic. At Mila Maven, we have created this guide to help you decide what the best flower alternatives are for your vases.

Our female torso vase is the perfect addition to your home this autumn (and all year round), and the perfect vase for a variety of arrangements. Non-floral variations include dried flowers, pine cones, or sprigs, as well as autumn wreaths, which can give you the same natural feeling that flowers do, but with an autumnal and seasonal twist. 

Non-floral arrangements

Dried flowers

Decorating vases without flowers may seem hard, but there are some great alternatives! Dried flowers are usually the go to alternative to fresh flowers, and can help to reduce allergies and add to the aesthetic appeal of a room. They’re also low commitment, as you don’t need to constantly water them. A selection of dried flowers you can opt for are dried pampas grass, sprigs and buds, as well as normal dried flowers. Bunching these together into a vase, perhaps in different rooms, brings autumn inside. 

Femme vase in black with dried flowers

Autumn wreaths

If you’re looking for an aesthetic and autumnal centrepiece, wreaths are a perfect choice. While these don’t necessarily have to go in vases, they’re still a great addition to your home if you want to add an autumnal twist. These are mostly circular, but can be different shapes, and would make a great centrepiece for any room. You can find wreaths made entirely from twigs or leaves, and they can match the aesthetic of any room. You can also use these all year round, as Christmas and summer wreaths are also a great seasonal addition to your home!

Faux flowers

If you want to brighten your space, but don’t want real flowers in your home, these are a great alternative. Unlike dried flowers, these add a colourful and fresh feel to your home, but don’t exacerbate allergies or require constant attention. You can find faux flowers of most varieties, whether that be lilies, roses or tulips. Again, our female torso vase in black or white would be the perfect quirky addition to any home.


Probably the most traditional type of vase occupant, these look great either faux or real, and are a great way to spruce up your rooms with a touch of nature. Some options to choose from include cheese plants, vines, bunches of eucalyptus, and autumn coloured leaves. Sprigs would also be a great addition. These would look great all year round, and you can adorn them with Christmas decorations, or perhaps mini pumpkins or gourds to fit with Halloween and autumn.

Femme Vase in white with eucalyptus

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