Predicted Interior Design Trends for 2023

09 December 2022

As 2022 draws to a close and 2023 is right around the corner, it is time to set our sights on the new trends that come along with the new year. Interior design is something that is ever changing, with new trends coming into the cycle every few years to disrupt the norm and add a new dimension. The 2022 design trends have somewhat followed the themes of the previous couple of years, with the cosy and comfortable feel continuing to be prevalent.

While an interior design trend doesn’t change suddenly and all at once, there are certain details that will begin to alter as the years roll through. In 2023 we might see some new and unexpected shifts start to form in terms of interior design. 

In this guide, we will have you covered with all the predicted interior design trends for 2023 in the UK and how much they differ from the design trends that were set this year.

2023 Interior design trends

Eco-conscious living

Minimalism has become a strong interior design trend over the last few years, with 2022 being the most prominent year for this change. This design trend includes the use of natural, eco-friendly materials to obtain a raw, authentic look. 

As the desire for a greener home continues to grow and more people become aware of using environmentally friendly materials, we feel as though this interior design trend will only continue to rise in popularity throughout 2023 and beyond.

There are a number of renewable materials that have grown considerably in popularity and should continue to grow in 2023. These include wool, cotton, bamboo, wood and cork.

Crafted-look ceramics

One trend we should look out for in 2023 is crafted-look ceramics. In the past year, the demand for these types of ceramics has increased, and that is only set to continue throughout the next year. 

A beautifully crafted ceramic piece will be sure to take centre stage in any home and add a sense of individuality to the area in which it is located. Mila Maven has gorgeous ceramic femme vases in black and white that will be sure to be the talk of any interior design, and they will fit in extremely well with the upcoming trends.

Bold borders

Bold borders is an interior design trend that comes and goes for varying amounts of time. Sometimes it has come as a fad and disappeared after a few months, but other times it has stuck around for a good few years. In 2022, bold borders had somewhat of a renaissance, and they should become even more popular in 2023.

The new era of bold borders has become a lot more free-spirited, with it being used to break up segments of space to add more context to a room. Throughout 2023, the way bold borders are used will be different from what we have previously seen. Mila Maven has a collection of cushions and throws that will fit this trend and spice up your living room by adding that required sense of class. 

Nature colours

The use of traditional nature colours has become far more popular as of late, and it is definitely set to become more of a trend, especially in living room interior design trends in 2023. Browns, greens and gold are all very popular interior design colour trends, and that may be due to the uplifting and energising feel that those colours can bring to a room while still feeling balanced. 

This naturistic feel can be enhanced with Mila Maven’s scented candles and diffusers to give your living room a beautiful smell and add to its sense of serenity. The neutral colours of our wool throws would also make them a great choice for natural coloured furniture accessories.

Silk cushions

Silk cushions are once again on the rise in popularity due to their hypoallergenic features and the fact that they don’t draw moisture from the skin. Furthermore, the inclusion of a silk cushion on a couch always adds a sense of class to the occasion and can really make it stand out. It’s expected that silk cushions will be a future interior design trend for 2023. 

Round edges

Sharp-angled furniture looks to be heading to the end of its cycle, as more people have been opting for a more rounded look. The use of abrupt edges can delimit space in a home and take away an element of freedom, whereas rounded and smooth edges offer more originality.

Rounded-edge furniture also creates a much more welcoming space in comparison to boxed furniture. This trend looks set to catapult in 2023 after stamping itself to interior design throughout 2022.

Statement lighting

Lighting is a huge part of every home’s interior design, and statement lighting is set to become a big trend in the UK in 2023. Particularly in bathrooms, the use of large light decor is currently very popular and is definitely a “go to” heading into the new year. 

Adding ambience and drama are some of the main reasons for this trend’s takeoff, as the purpose is to make a big statement and add the wow-factor to your chosen room. It’s often said to be the ‘jewellery’ of any room. 

Thrift vibes

With people facing tighter budgets, interest in thrifty interior design is booming and is set for a huge year in 2023. Thrift stores are ideal for finding unusual items that can add a spark of intrigue and flair to a home. This style of interior design allows people to make big changes to their space without having to dig too deep into their pockets.

Thrifting also adds the element of originality, as you are able to change from one idea to another a lot quicker than you can with other interior designs. Therefore, we wouldn’t be surprised if you saw more businesses attempt to break into the thrift market within the next year.

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