How to adapt your decor to fight the winter blues

21 December 2022

Entering January means you’re probably going to start feeling some post-Christmas blues as the festivities come to an end, especially when removing your Christmas decor and putting it back into the loft for another year. 

As we transition out of the Christmas period, you may be stuck wondering how to adapt your winter home decor after Christmas. We at Mila Maven have compiled this guide on how to adapt your decor to help you feel refreshed and uplifted as the winter months continue. 

Introduce bold colours into your decor

The best way to fight off any January blues (and trust us, they’re real) is to introduce a bold colour scheme into your winter home decor. We’re talking yellows, oranges, pinks, blues, and more. Adding standout patterns and prints can also help to lift your mood a little. If you don’t want to commit to a whole new colour scheme, we’d suggest starting small and adding little pops of colour, such as an eye-catching cushion or throw. You can keep building on this little by little until you’re satisfied with the amount of colour in the room, then move onto the next one! 

Why stop there? If you really want to go all out, you may want to look into maximalist design and the colours and patterns involved in that style of decor. It’s always fun to experiment with new styles until you find the decor that’s right for you and your living spaces.

Experiment with furniture

It’s always exciting to buy new furniture, and winter is as good a time as any to experiment with new decor or furniture. Why not buy those dining chairs you wanted for Christmas but held back on? Or buy that unique piece of art that you’ve been admiring for a few weeks but avoided buying because you weren’t sure it would fit in with the rest of your furniture? The choices are endless when it comes to experimental furniture. If you want to stay on trend with your decor, you can read about the predicted interior design trends of 2023

A plant in every room

When it comes to winter home decorating, fresh plants or flowers are a simple and effective way of brightening up your home and improving your mood. If your flowers are looking a bit wilted, or you’re in a position where you’ll be unable to maintain them, opting for dried flowers or fake flowers is your best option. Add a cheeky and quirky twist to your furniture with our femme vase, which accentuates any flowers you choose to pair it with. 

Add some art 

You don’t want your living room to end up looking like an art gallery. Or maybe you do. Either way, little touches of art here and there will make sure you don’t get overwhelmed with paintings and portraits. You may want to opt for colourful and experimental art pieces (think Andy Warhol or Kandinsky). You could also add a wall collage or mood board if you’re struggling to choose between colours or art pieces. 

If you’re not super into brightly coloured art pieces, you should opt for more muted pieces or pieces that convey a special type of message or emotion for you to follow to help improve your mood and your winter-time mindset.

Choose some new scents

You may be used to the Christmas or autumn candles that emit an abundance of pumpkin spice, cinnamon and other festive scents, but you’ll want to think about switching those out for some more fresh scents. Floral and citrusy scents such as orange, eucalyptus and jasmine are perfect uplifting and refreshing scents. Jasmine is also known to have soothing and mood-improving properties! You can find these scents in our candles and diffusers range, which features Geranium, Eucalyptus and Orange reed diffusers, and Oud and Jasmine candles. 

Beat the winter blues with Mila Maven

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